How do I burn fat from my stomach area?

Well, lets just start with the mantra that I will make you repeat over and over again like all my clients do and that is “you can not spot reduce”. When losing fat everyone loses it differently. We lose fat from ALL OVER OUR BODY and can not choose where the fat will burn from first or last. As stated in my e-book stay consistent with your meal plan and exercise since long term consistency trumps short term intensity all the time.

How long will it take to see results?

This is variable per person. The rule of thumb that I like to use with clients is that the first four weeks you and your body adapt to the new lifestyle, the second four weeks you start to feel and notice the changes and the third four weeks in a twelve week plan others will start to notice your success. This goes with out saying that this is all dependent on how much work you put in. The more dedicated you are the quicker the results will come. Anything is possible!

Can I eat carbs?

YES! Of course you eat carbs they are your friend! Have you ever seen someone go with out eating ANY carbs? It’s not pretty. Now, when it comes to carbs there are different kinds and when I work with my clients their custom meal plans are armed with the right amounts and kinds of carbohydrates for them to reach their goals. Vegetables are carbs my friends, we need them!

Do I have to do cardio and how much of it if I do?

This is variable per client. Depending on your goals I will help design a plan for you that has the appropriate amount of cardio. There are many different types of ways to do cardio, not just the treadmill.

Will lifting weights make me look manly? I don’t want to get too muscular. (This is for the ladies.)

Driving your car doesn’t make you a NASCAR driver just like lifting weights won’t make you look manly. The female athletes in the bodybuilding community you see with “masculine physiques” have worked VERY hard for a VERY long time and may even take performance enhancing drugs to achieve that amount of muscle mass. Women naturally have a harder time building muscle than men do. Ladies, don’t’ be afraid of the weights! They will help build those beautiful feminine curves that many women strive to have.

Should I be working out everyday?

Your body needs to rest. Working out everyday is not recommended for the average individual. Rest days are important and in the very least your body needs an active rest day. Depending on your goals I would recommend 1-2 days off from workouts a week.

Can I cheat on my diet?

There is a time and place for a cheat meal but never a cheat day. Cheat meals are meant to shock the body especially when in a caloric deficit. The way I design my plans for my clients I make it so that they can figure out a cheat meal that works INTO their plan with out straying off course too much.

I don’t have a gym membership; can I still work out and see results?

There are many ways to achieve a physique that you desire. When it comes to online training it is a bit challenging to design a program with out a gym membership but, I work with several clients outside of the gym who do 1 on 1 session who achieve great results. If choosing to do online training please email me first if you do not have a gym membership so we can discuss options prior to working together.

If there are any questions that are not answered please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!