Post Bachelor Party Week

Well, I didn't get to start my work outs till Wednesday because I'm an old man and can't handle a week of debauchery so here's what this week looked like.

Current Stats: Weight 183 lbs

Macros: Carbs: 250-300 Pro: 225-250 Fats: 100-110

  Wednesday: Legs
  • A1: Squats
    • 66% 295x6
    • 70% 315x6
    • 72% 320x6
    • 75% 335x6
  • B1: Reverse hyperextension 3x15
  • B2: Single Leg Glute bridge 3x10 each leg (slow and 1 sec contraction at the peak)
  • C1: Leg extensions 3x15
  • C2: adduction 3x15
  • C3: standing calf raises 3x15
Thursday:  Upper Vertical
  • AM: 1.5 mile jog
  • PM: Lifting
  • A1: Seated DB press 4x6-8
  • A2: Neutral grip Pull Ups 4x8-10
  • B1: Incline DB Press 3x8-10
  • B2: Lat pulldowns behind the neck 3x10
  • C1: Standing Alt DB Curls 3x 8-10 (Double drop on the end for max reps)
  • C2: DB skull crushers on incline bench 3x10
  • D1: Front Double bicep curl 3x10-12
  • D2: Single Arm cable pull downs 3x15-20
Friday:  Horizontal upper day
  • A1: Flat BB bench press 4x10
  • A2: DB rows 4x10
  • B1: cable side lateral 4x12-15 (double drop last set)
  • B2: Over head rope extensions 4x12-15 (double drop last set)
  • C1: Cable flys 3x 12-15
  • C2: Rope cable rows (low): 3x12

Week of May 8, 2017

I'm pressed for time this week since it's the week of my bachelor party. My goal is to get in a vertical upper body day, horizontal upper body day, leg day with squat emphasis and at least 3 cardio sessions in that consist of about 200 calories burned per session. Let's see if I can make this happen.  

Monday: Vertical Upper Body Day

Warmup shoulders on the cables with tri point warm up (video coming soon)

*Only working sets listed.

  • A1:  Wide lat pulldowns 4x 8-10
  • A2: Standing DB shoulder press 4x 10
  • B1:  HS incline bench 3x 8-10
  • B2: Curved bar curls 3x 10-15
  • C1: D-Handle grip pull downs 3x 8-10
  • C2:  Rope Pulldowns  3x 10-12

Tuesday: Horizontal Upper Body Day

  • AM: 2.24 Mile jog/run
  • PM: Horizontal upper body
  • A1: Flat bb press 3x10
  • A2:  Underhand grip cable row 3x10-12
  • B1: DB rows 3x10
  • B2: Pec Dec 3x10-15
  • B3: Standing calf raises 3x15
  • C1: Single Arm side lateral raises 3x8-12
  • C2: Face pulls with rope 3x12-15
  • D1: Push Ups 3x5 (wide with pause on the floor)
  • D2: leg raises 3x15
  • E1: One ab exercises of your choice 3x24

Wed: Squats

  • AM: 1.5 miles jog
  • PM: Squats  5x5 *Only working sets listed
  • 310x5 (70%)
  • 335x5 (75%)
  • 345x5 (77%)
  • 355X5 (80%)
  • 355X5 (80%)

Work outs week of May 1, 2017

This week I'm going to focus on a technique called "up-sets". In an up-set you warm up to a weight you can comfortable rep for 8-10 reps. After your warm ups you do 2-3 working sets that will go as follows:
  • First working weight: 10 reps + max 1 minute rest
  • Second working weight: 8-10 reps + max 1 minute rest
  • Third working weight: 6-10 reps + rest
  Monday: Tuesday: Chest/Abs
  • A1: A1Incline Db bench 2 sets upsets (4-10 reps per set, 3 steps up)
  • B1: Flat machine press: 2 sets upsets (4-10 reps per set, 3 steps up)
  • C1: HS incline press for center chest (body facing the handle) 3x10-12
  • D1: Cable flys high  and arched back 3x10-12
  • D2: Cable flys low cable 3x10-12
  • E1: Dips 3x15
  • E2: Leg raises 3x15
Wednesday: Legs
  • A1: Squats 3x5 (80-85%)
  • B1: Pin loaded leg press 15, 10, 10 (feet close)
  • C1: Single leg leg extensions 3x10 + 1 set max out on reps with same weight as singles
  • D1:  calf raises 4x15
Thursday: Shoulders
  • A1: warm up side and front delts on cables 2x10 each arm and each direction
  • B1: Standing military press 4 warm ups then 3x10 working (feet neutral with 1 second hold at peak)
  • C1: Side laterals 2 x up-sets (10 reps each set)
  • D1: HS shoulder press TUT 3x10
  • E1: cable front raises with up-sets x 2 (10 reps each set)
  • F1: Face pulls (rear delts) on low cable row with straight bar 3x15

Work Outs Week of 05-23-17

Sunday: Legs (squat focus)
  • A1: Squats (working sets listed)
  • (91%) 405x1
  • (95%) 425x1
  • (1rm) 445x1
  • (91%) 405x2
  • (73%) 315x7
  • B1: Hamcurls 3x10-12
  • B2: BW lunges 3x20 steps each leg
Monday: Back and Calves
  • A1: Seated Calf raises 4x15
  • A2: Standing Calf raises 4x10
  • B1: Rope pull overs for lat activation 2-3 sets 15-20 reps (KEEP IT LIGHT, you should not come close to fatiguing)
  • C1: Lat pulldowns (wide) 4x 8-12
  • C2: close grip chest pulls (cable set mid range) 4x 12-15 (video will be posted below)
  • D1: wide grip cable rows 3x 8-10
  • D2:DB pullovers 3x10
  • E1: DB rows 3x 8-10
  • E2: close grip pulldowns 3x10
  • F1: HS top grip wide rows 2x10
  • F2: HS middle grip rows 2x10
  • F3: HS low grip 2x 8-10
Tuesday: Shoulders, Cardio and Abs AM:
  • Stairs 190 cal
PM Work
  • A1: Side laterals: 2 Warm ups followed by 3x8-10 (2 drops last set)
  • B1: Seated DB press 3x10 reps (working sets listed)
  • C1: DB front raises 3x12
  • C2: Rope pulls (to the face) 3x10-12 1 second puase
  • D1: Upright rows (barbell) 3x8
  • F1: Hanging leg raises 3x12
  • 3.01 mile jog

Workouts Week 4-17-17

  • AM cardio: 22 minutes intervals on the stairmill
Tuesday: Squats and Cardio
  • AM cardio
  • PM Squats
  • A1: 10 full minutes warming up, mobility work
  • Barx12
  • 135X10 (30% 1rm, pause reps here and there during your 10 reps)
  • 225x7 with 7-10 second pause on the last rep (50% 1rm)
  • 315x3 (77% 1RM)
  • 405x2 (90% 1RM)
  • 415x2 (92% 1RM)
  • 425x2 (94% 1RM)
  • 430x1 (95% 1RM, should have been 2 reps but got pretty tired towards the end with no spot)
  • 225x10 2-3 second pause each rep (50% 1R)
  • 225x8 2-3 second pause each rep (50% 1R)
  • B1: 50 BW standing calf raises + posing in the sauna
Wednesday: Back and Shoulders with @MattLeeMorgan
  • A1: lat pull downs 15,12, 3x8-10
  • A2: seated shoulder press machine 15, 12, 12, 10, 8
  • B1: seated cable row 15, 12, 10+ 2 drops
  • B2: leaning cable side lateral 3x12
  • C1: t bar rows with D handle 3x10-12 + 3 drops maxing out reps
  • C2: plate raises 3x10
  • D1: rear delts on pec deck 3x12-15
Thursday: Chest (only working sets listed)
  • A1: Seated calf raises 3x15
  • A2: BW calf raises 3x20
  • B1: decline bench 3x8-10
  • C1: Incline DB press 3x10
  • C2: inclinde DB flys 3x10
  • D1: Hoist press 3x10 (3 second negative)
  • D2: Close grip press (hands neural grip same machine) 3x10
  • E1: Low positioned cable flys 3x12-15
  • E2: half bosu push-ups (chest to ball) 3x10
  • F1: High position cable flys 3 x 18-25  (flush out the muscle)
  • G1: leg raises (core) 4x15

Work Outs week of 4-10-17

Sunday: Legs (fasted)
  • A1: Bulgarian split squat stretch A2: Knee high marches to open the hips B1: Squats
  • Warm up weight: 135 225 315 Working weight: 405x2 410x2 425x2 430x2 315x6 (3 second pause)
  • C1: seated ham curls 4x15
  • D1: Adduction 3x15 (1 second holds)
  • E1: leg raises 4x12
Monday: Back (5am and fasted)
  • Activation exercises:
  • Rope Pull overs + Facedpulls: Enough reps to warm up the lats and rear delts
  • A1: Lat Pulldowns 4x8-10
  • A2: Underhand grip pull down (drop weight by a pin or two) 4x6-8
  • B1: HS Rows Top Grip (wide) 3x10-12 drop set 3rd set for 10-12 resp (1/2 of the reps with 2 second squeeze)
  • C1: Dhandle cable press ** (3-0-1-2) 3x10-12
  • D1:Rope pull overs 3x12-15
  • D2: cable curls (2-0-1-2) 3x12-15
**Tempo Explanation: (A-B-C-D)
  • A: Eccentric motion (releasing the weight)
  • B: Mid point pause
  • C: Concentric motion (squeezing the muscle portion)
  • D:Pause at the peak of the motion
Tuesday:  Hamstrings with Brad Rowe
  • Exercises not logged
Wednesday: Chest
  • Activation exercises and warm ups
  • A1: Rope pull downs
  • A2: Rear delt activations (if you want more info feel free to email me and I'll gladly make a video post about it)
  • Working Exercises
  • B1: Incline DB press: 3 warm ups then 4x6-10
  • C1: Decline HS 3x8-10 (3-0-1-0)
  • D1: single hand peck deck (shoulder on the pad) 3x12
  • D2: back on bed peck deck 3x10-15
  • E1: dips 3x15
  • E2: leg raises 3x12-15
Thursday: Arms
  • A1: Bicep cable activation (as many reps as needed to warm up)
  • A2: Tricep cable activation (as many reps as needed to warm up)
  • B1: Alternating DB curls 4x10
  • B2: single hand tricep push downs 4x12
  • C1: Rope hammer curls 4x10
  • C2: overhead extensions 4x10
  • C3: Bodyweight calf rasies 4x25
  • D1: Leg rasies 3x15
Friday: Cardio
  • Stair-mill intervals for 220 calories (roughly 20-15 minutes)
Saturday and Sunday: OFF

Weekly Workouts from the week of April 3, 2017

Hey friends, so I'm going to put up my weekly workouts for a while. I will post them daily on the same blog post for the entire week so that you can follow along (check back tomorrow for an update on THIS post). I'll leave little notes here and there and do my best to let you know at the beginning of each week what my caloric intake, macro split and current goal are. With that said, here's blog 1!

Training Days/Off Days: Current goal, tighten up for the honeymoon

Calories: 3,380/ 2,980

Protein: 275g / 275g

Carbs: 300g / 200g

Fats: 120g / 120g


I don't want to hear the peanut gallery about me doing chest on a Monday. I'm the first person to go for hitting legs on a Monday at 5am but 8 days ago I hit legs 4 times in 7 days so they're still a bit shot so hush up because my chest is my least favorite to train and lacking greatly.

  • Only working sets listed.
  • Chest (empty stomach):
  • A1: incline DB bench: 3x8-10 + 1 single drop of 50% last set (take a minute or so before beginning drop and hit 15 reps minimum, extra slow negatives)
  • B1: HS flat bench 1.5 reps: 3x 8-10
  • (1 full rep + 1/2 rep = 1 full rep)
  • C1: decline bench 3x10 (3-1-1-0)
  • D1: high positioned cable flys 4x10-12 (3-2-1-0)
  • E1: standing incline flys (against preacher, very high incline bench or hyper extension): 2x12
  • (3-2-1-0)
  • F1: standing calf raises: 4x12
  • F2: leg raises: 4x12
Tuesday: Squats after nursing a back injury for 2 weeks. I was pressed for time so this got done in 50 minutes..
  • A1: Bulgarian split squat stretch A2:Hip mobility: marches
  • B1: Squats: Warm ups: Barbellx15 135x10 225x8 315x2
  • Working: 405x2 (pause on first rep) 410x2 410x2 315x12
  Wednesday:Arms (again, pressed for time bc if an early call time for a shoot)
  • A1: barbell curls 3x15
  • A2: DB skull crushers 3x15
  • B1: close grip bench 3x10 (slow negative)
  • B2: alt DB curls 3x10
  • C1: cable curls (double bicep pose ok Dre motion machine) 4x12-15
  • C2: rope pull downs 4x15
Friday: Shoulders: only working sets listed. Focus on strength in the beginning then carving them out with accessories
  • A1:Rear delt flys cables: just enough sets to same up
  • B1:Seated military press: 4x4-10 reps (sets 2 & 3 HEAVY, set 4 cut weight and barely hit 10 reps)
  • C1: seated side lateral raises 3x10 C2: alt DB raises (hammer) 3x10
  • D1: leaning cable lateral raises 3x12